Five Common Struggles of an INFP

Being an INFP feels rewarding at times, but it also makes me wonder if it would be easier living as a different personality type. Here are a few common struggles I have encountered personally as an INFP and have heard from talking with INFP friends.

1. Seeming Distant But Caring A LOT

INFPS often do not have many friends, but instead choose to have a few close friends. However, I have found even with my close friends, I can often seem distant from them. I think that partially comes from being an introvert and wanting my alone space and time. I sometimes get lost in my head so much that even the task of sending a text message will take a few days to complete. It sometimes is difficult to show my feelings on my face or in my words. Sometimes being able to communicate through writing and having the time to think through my words allows for more meaningful communication with my friends who I love a lot.

2. Not Knowing What To Do in Life

Now this is a common problem among many, even of other personality types, but it seems that every INFP I have come across really struggles with this. Often times, INFPs lean towards artistic and creative endeavors that don’t seem to align with many traditional jobs. The idea of a nine to five desk job hardly sounds appealing to someone with creative pursuits and a sense of wonder. I personally went on one of the more typical INFP career path of the mental health field, and soon found I was not sure if it was for me and wanted to start over in something completely different. It seems like I will have to struggle along a few different careers before I find what seems comfortable. Even the idea of a career to an INFP like me makes me wince in pain at the thought of being entrapped in one area of work, when I want to jump through and experience so many different things.

3. Having Many Great Ideas, But Lacking The Motivation

INFPs are often very smart and creative individuals, coming up with many great stories in their minds or new ideas. I know I have probably created so many worlds in my own brain and thought of cool ideas for new projects. However, I felt I was most successful when I had another person working on a project with me who kept me in check and organized. I know I am not the only one who is great at starting projects, but never finishing. For many INFPs, some great ideas will get lost in the scuffle,however there is always a few that will fight it’s way out to the real world.

4. No One Is Ever Weird Enough

As an INFP, I often found it hard to make new friends and that wasn’t because there wasn’t a lot of great people who would talk to me. I just found it hard to feel closely connected to someone who did not have the right amount of weird in them. All INFPs seem to have at least a few weird interests and need friends who will engage them on their crazy ideas and witty conversations without giving them a confused look. I think that’s why INFPs get along with each other so well. They can both get lost in their crazy conversations and interests.

5. Feeling Emotions Too Strongly

INFPs often are very sensitive and it can be a pain when I find myself crying over the little things. In those moments I couldn’t care less when people tell me INFPs might feel too strongly in a negative way, however they experience the great moments just as strongly. Even though that annoys me when I am feeling down and bitter, without a doubt when I have one of those “great moments” I appreciate it in a way only INFPs can truly understand.